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Tiny (Wyngro Ref) by PanickandWingit Tiny (Wyngro Ref) by PanickandWingit
I never did do a proper ref for Tiny, ssoooo finally. 

Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Tiny
Arrow left Sex: Female
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Type: Standard 
Arrow left Round/Bump Nose: Bump
Arrow left Current Age: Baby
Arrow left D.O.B.: June 3
Arrow left Form: (Bipedal or Quad? ADULT ONLY)
Arrow left Upgrades: Hair tuft, tiny back wings, +1 accessory! 
Arrow left Quirks: Socially awkward, her 'speaking tone' is no louder than a whisper, taps paws on a hard surface in uncomfortable situations

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends: Alma (considers her more as a mother)
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: None so far
Arrow leftMate/Crush: [Adult only!] 
Arrow leftMagic: Not available yet!
Arrow leftAccessories: None yet!
Arrow leftCompanion/Pets: None
Arrow leftImportant Possessions: A music box left to her by her mother that she keeps hidden in her room. She holds it very dear to her.

Tiny Star Bullet DESCRIPTION Tiny Star Bullet
Tiny's a quiet Wyngro who tries to make friends, though her awkwardness and very low voice often impede her from doing so. She's very approachable and doesn't hold grudges often.
Very musically inclined and in-tune with rhythms, so she's often subtly dancing while humming or making her own tunes with stuff she finds. She practices to make music on random things like glass bottles (blowing and playing them like a xylophone), often uses the pots and pans and spoons to play the drums (much to Alma's dismay). She's not shy on showing off her skills but certainly is when faced with face-to-face interactions. When she does make a friend, she's super loyal and tries to please them whenever she can. 
Even though her pots-and-pans playing does get to Alma, Tiny's seen just sticking close by her side.
When she's not putting a show for her imaginary audience, Tiny reads adventure and fantasy books in the library, one day hoping to make her own debut as a renowned adventurer, and is trying to overcome her fear.  
Likes to compliment others through more indirect methods, but will try and cheer them up personally.
She's a big dreamer and could be considered an artist of many areas.
She looks up to Nymble a lot.

Tiny Star Bullet ROLEPLAYINGTiny Star Bullet  

Arrow leftAccepting Roleplays: Yes!
Arrow leftPreferred roleplay source: Deviantart notes, mostly.
Arrow leftWriting skill level: I'd consider myself a bit on the intermediate level, fairly good grammar and spelling. I'm still practicing my writing skills, so a few parts maaayy be a bit off. 
I write paragraph-style, so a few lengthy replies are expected from me. Also, 3rd person.
Arrow leftPreferences: Nothing too extravagant, but nothing too simple. Fairly good grammar and spelling with large enough replies to explain what's going in on their replies. 

Tiny Star Bullet CHARACTER ACTIONSTiny Star Bullet  
Arrow leftMeeting new Wyngro: If a Wyngro looks friendly enough, Tiny will try and approach first, though the other Wyngro may need to be the one holding up the conversation. Other times, she prefers if other Wyngrew approach her first. She's very nice and respectful, though awkward with a lot of 'umm's and 'eh's. Though talk about stories, art, or music and she may start to come out of her shell a bit.
Arrow leftMeeting new species: She's more naturally curious and, instead of saying hello directly, will sometimes stalk from afar to learn a bit more about them. If they seem more hostile or standoffish, she'll avoid them. If they seem friendly enough, she'll go up to them and try and talk to them.
Arrow leftBeing surprised: When surprised, she curls up into a ball and covers her head with her paws. It takes some coaxing to get her to relax enough to come down from her initial shock. If it was in good terms, she'll apologize for her behavior and laugh. If it was more of a prank or an intentional scare, she'll try and get angry, fail, then slink away tearfully.
Arrow leftBeing touched: Depends on where and how. If it's a hard and sudden touch, she will yelp and start to tear up. Spooped. If it's a softer and anticipated touch, she will either tap at the limb touching her and/or lean into the touch. She likes gentle touches. 
Touching her ears will make her flick them and result in frantic pawing at the limb. If touched anywhere around the neck or belly she yelps and scurries away. Very ticklish. 
Arrow leftActions when sad: Two things. She either hides in her room and cry, listening to her music box for some sort of consolation, or goes to trusty Alma for advice and consolation, depending on severity. Usually, she'll ask Alma if she can stay with her for the rest of the day.
Arrow leftLikes:
  • Improvisation
  • Fantasy adventure stories
  • Learning about new lands
  • Anything musical
  • Songwriting
  • Drawing
  • Huuuggss
  • Anything spicy or sweet
  • Shiinnyy
  • Collecting bugs or unusual trinkets
Arrow leftDislikes:
  • Gurp
  • Lightning
  • Showoffs 
  • Sitting on over-padded chairs
  • Crowded areas
  • Hyperactive Wyngrew
  • Those who say musicals are dumb
  • Disorganization 
Vampwolfie Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Roleplay with Chocco?  Chocco ~ Wyngro Ref Sheet by Vampwolfie
PanickandWingit Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Sure! Are DA notes alright with you?
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Yep! <3
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